Who knows this???

Has anybody tried mounting radiator guards and braces on aftermarket radiators for the Drz400s? I would like to make sure aftermarket radiators will fit with guards and braces before i go out and buy all this stuff. I smashed my stock radiators up because i failed to put guards or braces on my radiators, so now i would like to get better radiators because the stock ones are just plain crappy in my opinion.

I suppose it depends on what radiators you get. Some aftermarket ones are identical in shape and mounting to stock, others, like some high capacity, may or may not fit. Good question for the cage supplier.

Nothing wrong with the stock rads. The unabiker guards provide excellent crush protection as well as rock guard protection from the front.

They fit fine in the stock configuartion. Have had mine installed since about 2004 I believe.

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