Little help for a new guy

Ok I am new to the xr not to bikes. I have a 1996 xr250l. I am going to change the oil. From my readings on here the bike is a dry sump. I looked at the manual from They are talking about a dip stick in the downtube. I'll be damned if I can find it. Am I mixed up on the years? It looks to me like my bike has a wet sump like most other bikes. Any help?

Look on the frame tube that the gas tank straddles between the front of the gas tank and steering head/top triple clamp. See a plug there? If so, that's your dipstick.

No plug there. Also the down tube is hollow. I mean there is no plate welded to the bottom. Am I missing something here

Here's a quote from another thread:

"XR250R switched to Dry Sump in 1996 BUT the L was the same wet sump from 91-96. If your bike is a 91-96 US XR250L then it is a wet sump."

That means all the oil is kept in the motor and the dipstick will be on the right engine case. And you're right, the downtube is hollow and empty... unlike the feeling you now have after learning what the answer is. :smirk:

Thank you very much. I was really starting to wonder. Now that I look the manual I was looking at online is for the r.

Make sure the bike is sitting straight up right when checking the oil. Also becareful of the o-ring on dipstick plug. When I bought my '94 XR250L a couple of years ago, it was missing the o-ring. I bought a new one. When I check the level the o-ring seams to want to stick on the case instead of the dipstick plug. If it does stick to the case, it is easy for it to get lost. Maybe not a big deal, but I guess it's there for a reason. Just my 2 cents.

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