Hotcam break-in with synthetic

anyone break in a hot cam with synthetic oil ?

anyone break in a hot cam with synthetic oil ?

i have read only to use conventional due to its qualities and what not. to be quite honest though i'm not too sure if these are just myths or what not. due to current technology in basically everything i don't see how it would make such a difference. i would google it. make sure to be generous with teh assembly lube on the lobes though also

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All the new bikes come from the factory with synthetic, it can't be that bad for wear in. I can't see why it won't work, synthetics tend to have better film strength and adhesion to the engine parts, it should help with break in but I'm not a lubrication engineer so what do I know?

yeah I just put fresh amsoil in it a month ago , decided to put the hotcam in , the instructions reccomend break in with dino oil , I called the tech dept. no one there could give a answer why other than it is reccomended to use dino oil ......

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