xr600 throttle assemblies

Hey guys...

Just trying to find some solutions down here in el salvador(think no aftermarket) for the meantime...

what throttle assemblies, stock from another bike, push/pull pull only etc... have you guys used in a pinch that would work on our bikes?

I seem to have misplaced mine after the crash and teardown, seems weird but true...

Just trying to avoid waiting a month for this mistake...


Lots of guys only use 1 throttle cable, both with stock setup and lots of aftermarket and other carbs that only use 1. not a problem.

Hi! thanks for the response... Before the teardown I was using only one cable...anywhoo...you are saying that pretty much any throttle will work?

I have new stock size cables, I was trying to see or avoid buying other cables to fit a non stock throttle...

So look for anything then? what about the amount of pull or twist? does that change or is that a function of the carb throttle stops?

i.e. doesnt matter?

thanks man apprecate it....I feel stupid


edit just to clarify Im looking for the throttle tube assembly on the bars? are the stock cables compatible woth other bike assemblies? or do I have to find some other type?


edit just to clarify Im looking for the throttle tube assembly on the bars? are the stock cables compatible woth other bike assemblies? or do I have to find some other type?


Is your bike a twin carb model.??

You'd be lucky to find a perfect match using the stock cables on some other throttle assembly unless it's from a similar year XR/XL200/250/350/400/500/600..Cables can all be shortened/adjusted if you have a few tools and the know how to do it..,,main thing would be the attachment method used on the different housings..ie the way the cable screws into the housing on the throttle assembly,,rest of it can be a hack job to make it fit/work..

thanks horri! everyone...

ok some progress, beleive it or not I found a place that had an old motion pro universal wheel type throttles, single cable! pull only...

so thats done, but now I need some hacking/mod advice...

The cable housing fits and look great on the assembly only thing is the actual wire cable is too short...I need some 3 inches or so more as the wheel portion of the bend uses up all of the slack on the cable...

I used to do this all the time on bicycles and stuff where you would cut the wire and crimp to length, but being a throttle on a carb is a differnt issue...

HOW DO YOU CRIMP THIS WIRE CABLE and make it fit on the pulley arm?

Mine is a single carb.

Thanks guys! you are great!

If you used to do it with bicycle cables as I did also then it's the same principal. Try and save the metal bit on the end of the cable that fits into the adjuster type things..Pull it out of the way..Cut the outer plastic covering back to your finish point..Get two pair of vice grips or two good solid sets of pliers or one set of vice grips and use a vice to clamp the cable..Put one set of vices at about where you want the unravelled outer metal wire covering to end up. Do not clamp them to hard or you'll crush the stuff,,Use the other set to unwind the metal to that point or unwind it just enough so you can get the side cutters in to snip the outer wire covering at the end point. Unwind it just enough so when you chop that stiff wound wire stuff you can just spin it off the cable..Tidy up the end then push the round metal end back over the wire and you're done..

Use whatever end is easiest to pull the rounded cable end off or do a combo of a bit off both ends..Throttle end may be a different arrangement so maybe go from the carb end..It'll take a little working out and maybe a bit of butchery depending on the cable adjuster fittings.. Just don't chop to much off as you can't stick it back on..Take your time and use the noggin.

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thanks horri.

I actually was trying to see how to cut the wire I have(leave housing alone) and get a longer cable and fitting at the carb end that I could attach to the slot in the pulley arm.

Its not the housing thats the issue...If I take 3 inches off the housing yes I would have enough cable to use BUT then I would be too short as a whole, not to mention I have new fat bar adapters that add about an inch.

So my question is have any of you cut the wire cable and installed a longer wire and crimped on the needed round cyclinder thingy at the carb pulley?

Thanks again

So my question is have any of you cut the wire cable and installed a longer wire and crimped on the needed round cylinder thingy at the carb pulley?

If you have a long enough inner all you do with the end is use the same sort of thing that holds a bicycle cable on the brake arms...A bolt with a small hole drilled through it to take the cable and a nut/washer to tighten onto the bolt/cable..Make one or nick one from a bicycle. Once the lengths right just shape the bolt/nut with a file so it fits into the carbs wheel. It's not perfect but it will work as it has done for eons..

Another way to make the end is to use a hunk of solid rounded brass or copper. Drill the centre hole for the cable..Drill a central hole for the bolt/screw from the sides which only goes halfway through the nipple or drill it right through and use two bolts/screws,,one goes in from either side,,Shape your proposed nipple so it fits into the carb wheels hole..Put a thread in the bolt/screw hole with a tap or if you have no tap and the holes to small to take one use a slightly bigger bolt/screw made from steel and let it cut it's own threads in the soft copper/brass,,Put cable through..Tighten bolt/bolts/screws onto cable..Chop head off bolt/bolts..Done,,as it has been for eons.

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thanks horri good stuff man!

really apreciate it...

Ill go to some bike and bicycle shops and search for a longer cable I can adapt to this housing...look for the attachments and get it all done...

good stuff!

thanks again to all

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