Magura Hydraulic Clutch Worth it?

Magura Hydraulic Clutch

Fits: 2003, YAMAHA, YZ250

Regular: $280.00

Our price: $239.99

Worth it? Bens? Anyone have one?

Having gone from cable on my CRF to hydro on my KTM, I'd miss it, going back to a cable. It's just more positive feeling. Can you live w/o it? Sure. It's not a MUST have, it's a very nice to have IMHO. It's not a bling purchase my any means.

It really comes down to what you look for in clutch feel. If you prefer a good sense of feedback from the clutch, stick with a cable. If you want a more disconnected feel, but with a much easier pull, get a hydraulic. I have pretty small hands and personally love the hydraulic perch because of how effortless it is to pull in the clutch.

CaveMike prefer Rekluse but recognize that hydraulic clutch is big improvement over stock.

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