quik main jet and ap question

Seems like everyone has told me that a 165-68 main is the jet to start with .

my question is this my 07 shop manual says it came stock with a 178 ,did all prevous yr 02-06 come with the 178 or something different , i know i'll end up letting the bike tell me what it needs/wants , im just curious what previous yrs came with.

And last, my ap timing screw and drum follow/stay in contact with ea other all the way threw the stroke while not running NO GAS IN IT, but im wondering once its running /has gas running threw it will it pull apart needing it?


My 02 came with a 175 , and thats what i`m still running in it. It had a 45 piolt , and now a 48 seems to work good , it starts better.

thanks, im kinda disapointed no one can answer a simple ap mod question ,specifcly for an 07 , but whatever i'll figure it out

No 07 they fixed the issue no o ring mod needed

thank youuuuu.. i got a few people tell me to do it diaphram leak jet etc , alot of confusion about different yrs i'll get the main jet figured out , a few high speed runs and a gps will put me in the ball park quik,

ps jd didnt even answer me after an email to them, guess eveyones busy

I am running 170 pilot and 45 leak works ok

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