Bike steaming out of left rad

Does anyones radiator steam? Is it normal or is there a problem. I was out yesterday playing around with my new TrailTech gauges and noticed a slow rise of steam from the left radiator. The temp didn't get any higher then 165 on the gauge so I know its not overheated. I have never seen any fluid on the rad or under the bike and the levels are good so I'm pretty positive its not leaking.

Is this normal?

Thanks in advance,

If you put your temp gauge where I did I put mine on the radiator hose leading to the top of the left side radiator hose. If you did check your clamp and the temp gauge to make sure its not leaking.

Ours don't steam. I too suspect a leak and think CRF 250X is on it. Coming from where the temp gauge is spliced in.


I just had this problem with my Right Side radiator. You probably have a pinhole leak that can't be seen by the naked eye. The only way to tell for sure is to go to an auto parts store and buy a $20 kit that has dye and a black light. You add a VERY small amount of dye (1/2 a teaspoon) to your radiator, shut out you lights, run the engine, and then shine the blacklight flashlight and look for a glowing spot (mine was the size of a pinhead...looked like a small ember burning.) Then you either solder it shut yourself (might try jb wedls, too) or bring it to a radiator repair shop.

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