CRF450 race version 2011

This is my CRF450 for 2011...:smirk:

3,5 kg less... lower gravity center...:prof:

But I don't know how to post the pics...:smirk:

you have to upload to and after you upload copy the image code its in a box by the uploaded picture and past it in the insert image box

oh thanks! :smirk:




:thumbsup:nice and clean good job with the pictures:thumbsup:

who did those graphics for you?

You got some $$ in that bad boy! :smirk:

great graphics by Arc Design Italy. :smirk:

Some $$... :lol:

I lowered the radiators of 2 cm

I've changed triple clamps, exhaust, carbon tank, many other carbon parts, titanium and ergal bolts where possible... yes, good job!

Tested new FI map and this provision of weights with a new center of gravity, KYB suspension by SM, my CRF (2009) is much more handly and easy to corner... :lol:

It seems a CR250 2T.... :smirk::banana::prof:



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how do you keep it so clean!

any tricks? or tips?

:smirk: I wash it normally without overdoing it and then .... Honda is Honda :smirk:

All the plastics are still original (only fender and front plate Cycra), there are near 90 hours on it... :prof:

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that is a pretty bike. nice work!

Bike looks sick

how do you keep it so clean!

any tricks? or tips?

IDK what he uses, but I use Plexius to clean the plastics... it lightly polishes and protects plastic. It was originally developed for the aviation industry for cleaning airplanes plastic windshields to reduce glare and improve visibility. Honda sells a similar product that works well too. Power washers with a high GPM and low PSI work well to get the thick stuff off. Just be sure not to get near any seals (bearings/suspension etc.).

What's up with your clutch lever. Is it new?

not new, I've bought it for my CRF450 2007... ASV lever and ProCircuit perch, as on my previous CR250 2T models...:smirk::)

for plastics sometimes I use silicon spray products for wood...:smirk:

How did u lower the radiators 2cm? Is there a kit?

I've copied from some pics a DRD kit (19mm) :smirk:

Is that a CF clutch & stator cover? Or are they just overlays on top of the stock covers?

carbon clutch cover and black painted OEM ignition cover with carbon protection :smirk:

where did you get the carbon fuel tank?

all the carbon parts by CMT (Amerio Moto Ceva CN-Italy) less the pipe guard by Ciarlo (Sciarborasca GE-Italy). :smirk:

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