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Hello, Ive read everything I can find on putting rm250 forks and triple clamp on my Drz400E. My question is, once the RM forks are valved and sprung correctly, how big of an improvement is this. My 2003 400E has been set up well with racetech valving and springs, and it is really decent. However since I ride 100% dirt, worcs style, Im hoping that adding 2006 rm250 forks will be worth the time and money. I think I can complete this project for about 600$. I love this bike, and only want to make it better. Has anyone done this ? I want to hear your input! Thanks.

if you put the same work into your current forks you will get the same results.

there is nothing wrong with the E forks.

I agree there is nothing wrong with E forks, I just think Ive done all I can. I have the largest springs available and racetech valves with a great setup for my style of riding. What else would you recomend? Im 220 lbs and I want to ride higher in the stroke and have more bottoming resistance. How does the additional 2" of travel that the RM has, work out on the drz?

you sure you have your travel numbers correct?

what do you mean largest springs available? what rate?

nothing about RM forks will make it any different for those concerns.

The suzuki specs say DRZ has 10.2 inches and RM250 has 12.2 inches wheel travel. What I mean by largest springs available is, when I looked to buy springs to support my weight, all that I was able to find were listed as 48's on down. There seemed to be many more options for Rm springs. It seems to me that with the ability to install a more appropriate spring I will improve over what I have. Am I missing a source for springs that could help me? Thanks

yep that place sounds cool, thanks eddy. thats got to be a cheaper way than the whole conversion, Im going to call them.

sorry I spelled it wrong eddie

I really dont get the whole rush to change out the E model forks.

The conventional design is the superior design for offroad, which is what the DRZ was designed for.

most do it for the look which is what it really accomplishes.

with that said, what is the purpose of fork evolution? Why dont all the offroad bikes still use the drz fork?

with that said, what is the purpose of fork evolution? Why don't all the off road bikes still use the drz fork?

Eddie nailed it. Its mostly a sales tool, give the customer the perception of getting the latest and greatest, and I suppose its easier and cheaper to buy 10000 sets of one fork instead of 8000 of one and 2000 of another.

Upside down forks are the best thing going for moto-x, but for off road the conventional are much more fluid and plush on the roots, rocks and square edges hits. Upside down forks have a natural flex point right below the bottom triple clamp. When you hit a square edged bump, the fork is flexed toward the rear of the bike as it is being compressed, when this happens, the bushing that is atop of the slider binds in the flexing upper tube for a nano second, and this is felt as harshness. The conventional fork also flex's at the same point (right below the triple clamp) but since all moving parts are now in the lower section of fork, there is no binding, and thus a much more plush ride.

The only real benefit to changing to upside down forks is they are thinner at the axle area and so they don't hang up as much in ruts.

Also, the DRZ forks are an open bath cartridge design, which most tuners (and KTM, since all EXC and XC bikes use open bath designs) feel works much better off road over the closed chamber modern mx forks.


In my original post I said Im riding worcs style, which has an mx section. I was hoping to improve on the mx ability of my drz. I know wrong bike , get a KTM etc, but it is true most worcs riders are on MX bikes. Im looking to hear input from someone who has made the swap and ridden on it. Thanks for the explanation of off road forks though.

ive made the swap and ridden many time including on my own drz's. find a cheap or free set of rm forks? ok,cool but its not gaining you any sort of advantage.

can you use the stock drz wheel, axle, and caliper? are the triple bearings the same size?


yes,all the same stuff.

Thanks, Im having some 52 springs made at cannon for about 140$ . Thanks for showing me their service

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