Wanna make my 08' RM-Z 450 Street legal!

I just bought a an 08' RM-Z 450 EFI about two months ago. But the other day I noticed the frame was nearly cracked in half on the down tube. I am most likely having someone reinforce and re-weld the area. Hopefully it will be done soon but I don't know if I'll be able to trust her again for hitting jumps and hard riding. So my other option is to possibly make her a street legal supermoto. The only thing is that I have no idea about legal dual sports. Would this even be possible for me in MA? And if so would it be easier to convert because nearly everything on this bike is electrical? Any tips would be great cause I don't wanna lose my bike!


You have two issues.

Transfering a off road title. I assume you have at least an MSO if not a title. If only a MSO and you did not pay sales tax, you will when you get the title, sales tax on the original purchase price. Then convice teh state to covert a off road MSO/Title to a on road one.

Getting sufficient electrical power for the lighting.

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