stiff clutch on 04 yz450f

hey guys i was wondering why my clutch is so stiff on my 04 yz450 and i was wondering if a hydro clutch would make a difference big enough to justify the purchase? and also the stock exaust is pretty loud can i save any weight getting a fmf q or pro circuit sparky? i only do woods and enduro type riding and race

There were two different cable setups in '04, as they were changed mid year. The '03 type is like the ones used on WR's. It routes over the head, runs down next to the carb, and then into a steel "L" guide to run from the cable stop on the crankcase to the release arm. These don't work as smoothly at the later type, and if the cable is bad at all, it will really stand out as hard to pull.

The late '04 type ran the cable down the frame in front of the engine and then along the left side of the cylinder to a cable stop bolted there, and then to the arm. It's a much better setup.

There is a longer release arm available, but it's very difficult to find outside the GYT-R clutch kit, which is itself a little hard to come by for an '03 any more. If you get the complete late style '04-'05 cable, or if you have it already, the '05 release arm may help. The clutch springs may have been replaced with some "high performance" pieces, so you might try a set of springs from an '05 or '06, too.

But the big thing is probably the cable. Try that.

awesome thanks im going hunting for the gytr kit! now how about the exaust?

The stock exhaust can be repacked (just don't buy the packing from Yamaha ($$$)). And yes, you can save weight and get a much quieter pipe by using an FMF Q series.

thanks i was thinkin the fmf q as well i do like the look of the stock pipe i just want a aftermarket system

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