Jumping a log

In this episode Brian Capper demonstrates the correct and incorrect way of jumping common obstacles that we are faced with during our Enduro riding. Enjoy CapperStyle…

man he makes that look so easy

:smirk: Wow that almost did look easy, I think I'll try that on a log half that size first but it deffinitly looks like a technique that could come in very handy.

Just got a log to practice, not quite that big. I'll work up to it..... hopefully.

I learned something. I would have never thought to hit it with the front tire first! "double punch double blip" And an electric start two smoke, can't get used to that still. :smirk:


I guess I know a trials technique.... not quite the same way I do it and I don't quite look as good doing it but logs like that are fun to jump.

Great technique. I have always just carried the front end over the whole tree, then slammed over. Looking forward to trying this.:smirk:

Brian Capper is a very talented rider over here in South Africa ........ Trails & Enduro. :smirk:

looking forward to some more "how to videos" ....

What about a log on the ground that's not a huge obstacle like in the vid? Already buzzing down the trail like 3rd gear, slow down and double blip?? Or how about logs diagonal across the trail??

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