Clubs making sure we can still ride

I'm writing articles for Trail Rider Magazine on maintaining access to riding areas on both public & private land. The next is on local clubs whose members are getting it done and it has a June 25th deadline. I'm already covering local clubs in RI, AL & CA and KNOW there are others out there who deserve national recognition. Do you know a club that bought or leased land to ride/race on or worked with gov't agencies or private landowners to preserve riding access? If so, this is a great opportunity to connect me so I can share their story. This is truly a strength-in-numbers and shared-ideas topic. How 'bout it?

Certainly one of the biggest stories would be the Berkshire Trails Council which held contracts with the state of MA to maintain the ORV/multi-use trails in five state forests from 1996-2009 (Beartown, Tolland, October Mt, Pittsfield, and Savoy). I have all the work details in my files as I was Secretary but I am currently on the road. Simultaneously we have had King Philip TR maintaining state forest land in eastern MA under contract with the state.

MI and the Cycle Conservation Club is another big story.

On a private land basis there is Hancock NY.

Not in the U.S. but check out my current project at

Salmon River Riders, CT Ramblers, Central Cycle Club have all done projects with the CT DEP, some projects using federal TEA grants.

I'm sure there are loads more examples.

This is a very important article requiring a lot of research and interviews. It has been said many times that the trail riders do a lot of work in the woods but very few people know about it because the trail riders do not promote themselves or use public relations opportunities effectively.

Another interesting story is Paragon in PA, which leased mining property in eastern PA for an ORV riding area for several years. When I did the calculations, I determined that the income could not be sufficient for this model to work, and after several years the landowners decided to terminate the agreement.

There is also Tower City in eastern PA, I am not sure of the current status.

Thanks, briefly covered PA mining lands in April TR article on public vs private access issues where I talked about OHV park trends. Good stuf going on there w/Rausch Creek.

Thanks. Talking at length w/NCTR after your lead.

I agree about the importance and interviews and research are not being taken lightly. This IS a great PR opportunity. With a background in land management, I have a broad perspective and audience. It's my hope that it's also a great share-the-best-ideas-and-apply-them-elsewhere opportunity. Thanks for your ideas. More detail available?

Sounds great. I have all the files for the Berkshire Trails Council including meeting summaries (monthly meetings with the MA DCR), work logs with all the details of who did what project on what days, and annual summaries which I also presented to the NETRA Board of Directors each year. Off the top of my head I forget the total, but it is something like 16,000 documented man-hours.

I am in the state of Washington right now, but I should be back at my house in CT in a week, if you would like copies of summaries or whatever. My email is Woodsrat at terra dot com.

Go look on the ECEA web site...

Thanks. Talking at length w/NCTR after your lead.


Those guys are great. They are also huge supporters of Colorado's Stay The Trail program, a partner with Tread Lightly!

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The Coastal Off Road Riders Association (CORRA) based in Charleston, South Carolina was formed in January of this year. One of our primary goals is to assist the USFS in maintaining and expanding the public trail system in the Francis Marion National Forest (a pair of 19 mile loops). Obviously, we have very little public riding area around here and more is badly needed!

We have already had some success with the FS in starting a good working relationship with them. We've held a couple of work days to clean, repair and reopen some trails that had been closed. Things are looking pretty favorable for us to begin talks soon with the FS on adding some new trails in this 252,000 acre Nat Forest.

Oops, forgot! The CORRA website is