Ttr 250

My friend has a TTR 250 with an electrical problem. First off, let me say that I dont know much about the TTRs and he doesnt have a manual. I ride a WR426 and a KTM 300 XC, which are both battery free. The bike has a new battery and the light works, but the starter wont turn over (ignition switch is "on"). I shorted the battery to the starter and it turned over, so I am thinking it is a bad starter relay or a short. Also, I just learned that the bike has fuses, where are they located? I think the on/off switch could be bad, so I am thinking about by passing it. Any advise would be helpful.


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Come on folks...surely somebody has knowledge of the TTR electrical system. It was obviously a bad design to begin with...I mean a key with an on/off switch? However, we need the bike for some beginner buddies to ride this weekend.

Yeah, I suppose you are right about saying the bike sucks. I should keep my opinions to myself. I think the bike is a 1999 model, it has only electric start, no kickstart...hmm, no comment. Thanks for the help.

You might try making sure the e-start button on the handlebar is not shorted out or gunked up.

Thanks, I will check that out. Maybe i could bypass the e start button by wiring around it.

If the button is bad would it cause the bike to run rough?

the fuses are like right next to the battery on my 250 idk about your's but it might be a fuse but i was having that problem too then i found the relay for the clutch if thats grounded it wont start (atleast on my model) i'd check them and if nothing else theres always gods gift to man. roll starting!

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