Powevalve cleaning question

I'm going to pull my jug off tonight and clean out the powervalve. Can I reuse my gaskets or do I have to replace them all? Do I need any special tools to compress the piston rings?

I would say be on the safe side and replace the gaskets. No tools should be needed for the rings since the bottom of the cylinder has a slight taper to allow it to slide right in.

I would say get NEW gaskets and also the plastic clip that attaches the rod to the pv. Even if you don't break it getting it off, it's good to have a spare.

I was able to get the powervalve main cover off without removing the jug and it turns out it was fairly clean so now I'm back to the drawing board as to why my bike runs crappy. I'll make sure when I do the top end to replace the gaskets once this one wears out.

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