Car or Bike?

For a long time I've been into motorcycles but never had the funds to buy a dirtbike per sai. Well I finally got a job and I'm going to be working this summer and earning a descent pay. My dilemmna is that I would only have enough money to either purchase a descent car or a used Yz250. Now I want to pursue a career in motorcycles which is why I want to get a bike now but I also want a nice car to drive around, maybe a Subaru Impreza WRX (with parent help). I was just wondering if you guys had any input as to why I might want to choose one over the other. Thank you,


btw - I'm sixteen years old.

I had both, but crashed my truck. Honestly, get a car. It's your ticket to freedom. Just don't forget how easy it Is for your parents to ground you. Also, be responsible. You can do dumb sh!t but be smart about doing dumb sh!t. If that makes any sense to you at all.

If you don't have a car now, get that first.

If you do, get a bike. Nice cars are expensive, and insurance costs don't make it any better.

mabye consider a truck so you can haul your bike when you get it:smirk:

maybe consider a truck so you can haul your bike when you get it:smirk:

I'm with this guy! If you really like bikes, get a cheap truck and a cheap bike. Don't need real nice either of them. Then you can have both! :smirk: :smirk:


I haul my bike around with a truck worth less than the bike....:smirk: You can have both!

I haul my bike around with a truck worth less than the bike....:smirk: You can have both!

Same here. As long as it stays together long enough to get me to the races and back, I'm happy.

K-Pac.....I like the Impreza WRX as much as the next guy, but even if you are making good money for a 16 year old, you (with help from your parents) will be dropping a lot of cash even to get a good used one.

You will find out that unless you are buying collectible cars, they are one asset that depreciates like mad. You can easily find yourself still paying off a car (whether to your parents, a bank or just back into your savings account) that is worth half of what you bought it for within a couple of years.

Buy a reasonably priced used car or truck so you can get to this job or any other job in the future first. Then, if you still have money, you can look into buying a decent used motorcycle. And don't forget whatever vehicle you buy, you will likely need to use it to transport your dirt bike to wherever you ride. Hence, a lot of good suggestions above to get a truck or at least get something that you can stick on a hitch rack or small trailer for transport.

Last thing, if you haven't thought about it, you better look into insurance cost first. Having your own car with you as the principal driver will be $1,500 per year minimum and could go as high as $2,500-$3,000 per year (16 year old male - driving a high performance car....such as a 300 HP WRX). Your parents may be spending only a couple of hundred per year or every 6 months right now to list you as an additional driver for one of their cars, but once you become the principal driver of your own vehicle the insurance costs increase dramatically. ...Not to mention, $4.00 per gallon gasoline....

yeah....NOOOOO 16 year old needs a subaru wrx...period...

crappy truck and then save 1K for a bike

Get a car or better yet (to haul the eventual bike), a truck first...seriously.

I'm with these guys - get a truck (or some other vehicle you can use to tote a bike) FIRST. The reality is that you'll use a truck or car every single day, while you'll ultimately not likely ride a dirtbike more than a couple of times a week. Also, without a vehicle to haul it, unless you get a bike with a plate, you'll be pretty limited with regards to where you can ride (do you have a ton or riding on or adjacent to your own property?).

A car or truck is basicaly a necessity. A bike is a toy.

Get a midsize truck and then save for a bike.

Go buy a four cylinder s10 5 speed for like 800 bucks and then buy a bike. I'm 20 and was never into the whole riced out car thing or even the nice WRX's, I wish I never spent 1200 bucks on a deck and countless other money on rims and stuff. Cop magnets anyways. I know drive an 02 silverado 1500 ext cab and have an 11 kx250f, 2005 kx 125, and a 2008 zx6rr that are all paid in full by me. Wait for good deals to come along, dont rush it.

Ok yea what you guys are saying makes a lot of sense. I'll save the cool sports car for when I have a profession. What would be a reliable truck to purchase (preferably manual) ?

Hard to go wrong with a Toyota pickup if you're looking at compacts (heck...even full size). I prefer full size trucks, but that's because I have a family and a camper to pull!

if you already have a car, get a bike, otherwise, get a car, maybe not an impreza though... honda civic?

I have an old toyota 2wd, picked it up for $1800 a few years ago...

Get a nice car first then later on get a bike for driving to work and back or something like that

Car first you could use something small to save on gas a $4 a gallon.:smirk:

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