06 125 no spark

Hey yall.

Ridin the other day on track, bike died would not start. No spark it seems. Have pulled the plug, new plug, disconnected kill switch. Have zero issues testng out coil and such with my DMM but I do not have a manual for it. Any direction as far as how to test my coil, stator, CDI would be a great help!

Yes, I did a search also!


HELP fellas!

I'll get my bother to look at this when he gets a chance. He has had alot of stator and cdi problems so im pretty sure he knows how to check them. I do not.

Thanks! If I had my manual would not be an issue....

You need to check resistance (OHM) of each item in the ignition. From the bottom to the top. Stator, coil, plug and CDI.

In my case my stator became dirty, and the lack of electricity killed the cdi.

This is from a YZ250 2009

Primary coil Tester selector

resistance position

0.20~0.30Ω at Ω × 1

Secondary coil Tester selector

resistance position

9.5~14.3kΩ at kΩ × 1

Source coil 1 Tester selector

resistance position

720~1,080Ω at Ω × 100

Source coil 2 Tester selector

resistance position

44~66Ω at Ω × 10

get a volt meter. unplug your stator where it connects to the CDI. find the positive and negative wires and put the volt meter positive and negative on these wires than kick. is easiest with 2 people. cant seem to find in my manual which is for a 06 yz125 what it should be putting out

WOW. Thanks for that. Exactly what I needed.

I had the same issue on my 06. I shut it off and then it would not start again. Tested it all with a micrometer and only the coil had a little more resistance than the limit on the manual. The stator and kill switch were fine. Got a used working coil and it did not fix it. Went for the stator and that fixed it. The CDI units rarely go out. If you never replaced your stator, that is the most likely cause. If not its your coil. Finding whats wrong is the hardest part!

hope that helped ya. let us know how it goes!

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