Rattle sound & some trans oil leaking when motor running...

For the last 3-4 days of riding i could always see a little oil on my stand after a few turns on the track.

Changed the oil to notice lots was missing from the 0.85L my 2001 KX 250 so i started the engine again after an oil change and waited a few minutes to find it was as expected leaking from somewhere.

I wiped it and no more leak so it's got to be under pressure only.

So this rattling sound + oil leak tell you anything before i take it all appart to find what's responsible for this ?

Seems to be comming from somewhere behind the kickstarter or in that area...i can only see the trail of oil comming down.

Tell me i just lost a bolt or something quick to fix so i can start riding again...


Other than that it runs super...if it makes a difference...

I'm guessing the clutch cover gasket is leaking when the clutch is spinning and flinging the oil nto it.

Can't say about the noise though.


Does the rattling change when you pull the clutch in? Oil leak sounds like clutch cover. Try snugging the bolts up a bit. If this doesnt help change the gasket. Much easier to find if you start with a clean bike although sometimes you can see a leak easier when dusty. The oil leaves a plain trail. Heres a trick for the novice. Clean and dry bike well, put on stand and puff out a bunch of baby powder on the suspected area, start the bike on the stand and get down on your hands and knees and take a look. The powder will help you find the source.

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