kyb question 02-04 vintage

hey guys, are the KYB forks on the Honda and Kaw's in the 02 to 04 time frame as bad as the ones that came on the YZ's?

i had the 02 yz250 forks and never got them correct. now that i am thinking about picking up a 1k'ish 125 i wanted to see if the Honda's or Kaw's are better.

it's a shame, i know the yz125 motor is the one i want and there are tons of them in the marketplace but i am just not going to let myself purchase those forks again.


just fit some 06 yz forks , then you have the best out there , but the kx and cr kybs ate not bad actually

mog, thanks for the reply. is there a particular reason the yz kyb's are junk and the cr and kx's "aren't bad?" could that becuase of the CV valve?


i looked up the microfiche for the CR and the YZ.

it looks to me like the 02 yz has the same forks the honda did in 97.

the 03 honda kyb fork is different and i am looking for something different.

2003 honda

1997 honda

2002 yamaha

from my perspective the culprit is 10,30 in the yamaha fork.

yes cv leads to inconsistant forks, But like Bll says didnt the cv fork come in 2003?

slept on it and decided i am not going to mess with those open bath forks at all which leaves me with the following bikes to choose from and raises my budget to 1500.

2004 or newer RM

2005 or newer CR

2006 or newer YZ

the yz125 2006 is a great bike , the cr still has oc forks but they are not bad, engine is very weak , the rm is a great bike but 2005 upwards as they handled much better

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