Anybody fitted yx140 in a Xsport fym 125?

I bought a yx140 a couple of weeks ago and tried fitting to my xsport fym 125 road bike, I had a few problems so couldn't fit it.

The reason it did not fit was due to the engine mounts, first the top one the 2 bracket type mounts where to much squashed in and would need opening out, I done that and got the top into position, but th bolt was to thick to go through the yx140.

Then theirs the bottom mount which was also very to small and needed widening, but it looked near enough to be impossible unless I wanted to snap the bottom mount?

That's why I ask if anyone has fitted same engine to the same bike, and to let me know how to get round this.

Another thing, my mounts have a washer like built on the mounts (factory welded) I know this could be the problem but what can I do.

Cheers and would be greatfull for any input.

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