Where to drill hole for rimlock

My son has a CRF70F, keeps spinning the tire on the rim, had to replace a tube last ride due to a torn valve stem, so I have a 1.6 rim-lock ready to go. I am assuming that I will drill the hole somewhere opposite of where the rim is welded. Any rhyme or reason as to the best location?

I always thought they just go directly opposite of the valve stem.

Opposite the valve stem for best balance, however with a single rim lock the wheel will still be at least 4 oz out of balance.

^ what Chas said

Thanks. So I just removed the tire and inspected the rim and the weld is exactly 180 degrees from the valve stem hole, so I will need to offset the rim lock hole slightly...say 160 degrees?

That would be fine, the rim is gonna be unbalanced no matter what you do. Especially when theres mud on it.

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