Really wierd idling problem

Yeah man, my 2001 CR250r is idling real funky! It kinda sounds like the throttle is stuck but it isnt. It only happens when the clutch is engaged in high rpm's. Like if i start the bike and dont go fast and just putt, it wont happen. It also does it while i putt around in between riping.. I have another post about one of my cylinder nuts stripping and not being able to put a gasket in. I reassembled the bike after a top and bottom end rebuild. I didnt put the rubber gasket that goes in between the bottom of the cylinder and the crank case on. Maybe this is causing the problems? I lost 90% of my coolant if not all of it because of this problem. and the clutch/trans fluid is really low too. Here is a short clip of me on the bike with the sound.

wait didnt put a gasket on and your wondering if it may be the problem?

I didnt know if the gasket would cause this trouble or it could be something else. Check the video for yourself. I didnt have a gasket at the time. But i didnt know they were that important. I knew you needed em but i figured it would just cause me to lose a little power and thats all.

Sounds like an air leak, which would happen with no gasket. You better be careful running it with no gasket, air leak will cause it to run hot and seize the piston. I'd get gaskets on their ASAP, and get everything squared away before you run it again.

yeah its getting harder to kick. I have the gasket, just the stripped nut is keeping me from getting it on. But will do man.

Dude, that doesn't sound good. Don't run the bike and defintely put a gasket in there!!

If you rebuilt the top end, how did you get the cylinder off with a stripped nut the first time??

@montigeau, no it sounds horrible!! Im not gonna run the bike till i get my nut off, get the gasket on, and new coolant in my radiator. But the bolt stripped after i rebuilt my top and bottom end. I just picked the gasket up from my local shop and went to go put it on and the nut stripped to hell while i was trying to take off the cylinder. Im gonna post a pic up of it in a little. The nut that is, and not me i meant the nut on my engine.

Wow man you definitely have an air leak causing a lean condition. I have heard of people not using the cylinder base gasket but they always use a sealant. You should probably cross you fingers and hope you haven't damaged your cylinder or piston running it like that.

wow man i didnt know that it was that serious! You have me all scared and shit xtonycrx!!

I didn't know anyone from Joisey was ever scared...


(My ex-wife is from Freehold...)

I didn't know anyone from Joisey was ever scared...


(My ex-wife is from Freehold...)

Haha, You are probably alright if it didn't quit on you while riding it. If it was just idling and you shut it off you probably don't need to worry. But I wouldn't even think about starting it again.

Jersey goes hard son! We ain't ever scared! Lol jp but i got the bolt from hell off and i guess it was a trade. Cuz i got it off and got the gasket on but now the bike wont start. Im gonna let it sit till its not muggy and wet out. And im gonna change the premix too. And i live in jackson dougster, thats the next town over from freehold.

And i live in jackson dougster, thats the next town over from freehold.

If I paypal you a few bucks, will you go throw some eggs and toilet paper on a house for me? :smirk:


(Just kidding, she actually still lives here in Tucson...)

i would have done it for the hell of it!! and annonymously youtube'd the eggin/ @ the library.





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