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'02 DR650 no spark - ignition coil voltage wonky?

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So one morning after my bike was running great for two months after taking it out of winter storage it wouldn't start. I started with the fuel and worked my way through ignition problems until I found out there is absolutely zero spark. I swapped the plugs to brand new ones and still no spark at all.

I checked the voltage and found something weird with the ignition coil. When the key is turned and everything is running off the battery, the voltage to the ignition coil between the CDI and starter switch is DC 29.5V without the starter being pressed. When I press the starter it drops to 18V. My understanding of automotive stuff in general is still quite minimal but I thought the ignition coil took in 12-24V while the bike was running/starting and multiplied it up into the hundreds or thousands of volts to get a good spark. When the engine is not running at all there should be zero voltage to the ignition coil, shouldn't there?

A friend of mine has an '04 DR650 and I was going to ask to borrow the CDI for a couple hours to see if I get spark. If I still don't I will replace the ignition coil and hope for the best. I really don't want to have to replace the damn $600 CDI unit.


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