400 -vs- 426

What's the differences between the '99 400 and the 2K 426? How much more power does the 426 have and is it needed? What else?


For 2000 Yamaha “redesigned” the clutch, adding a plate, shortened the frame behind the steering head 5 mm, moved the bar mounts forward 5mm, raised first and second gear ratios, & changed to alum. subframe. The carb is also redesigned and I think the header is different. I may have forgotten a few things there…

…but they should’ve left the clutch alone.

The motor changes included a new piston, barrel, crank, & rod (the small end is bigger) but the stroke remained the same.

I also think the ’00 has stiffer fork springs and the valving is probably a little different. You don’t “need” a 426. They feel tons faster, especially down low, but, depending on the conditions, are probably not much better.

I have an ’00 but have ridden a few ‘99s. Hope this helps.

<h3><font color="navy">There's NO replacement...

for DISPLACEMENT! :)</h3>

<h4>Go with the 426</h4>



A lot, buy the 426..................you will be much happier.

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