what parts do i need for a new crankshaft installment?

hi, could someone tell me every single part i'd need for a new crankshaft installment on a 2005 crf250r as my old crankshaft seized up on me.

i would like to know what parts i would need like seals, bearings, crankshaft, gaskets and any other parts just to replace the crankshaft

(if u could make a list of the parts needed thanks)

thanks Mark

Mark, You really need to tear it down and see what was damaged along with the crankshaft. Items like the cylinder and the oil pump could also be damaged. Bearings are always at risk any time you introduce metal to them. Easier question than an answer without looking at it first.

i did take the top end off the valves never hit the piston and there are no scratches in the bore,

i cannot move the crankshaft due to a large bronze metal piece which is wedged between the crankshaft and case,

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