Love my SM, need a dedicated dirt bike, which?


Been out on the trails a few times with my SM with off road wheels and tires. Bike goes quite well, keeps up with the rest of them. But I hate the damage that is being done all be it minor scratches etc, this is my pride and joy remember.

So, I am thinking about getting a second bike for dedicated offroad use.

To me, the 450 seems like over kill for Saturday social rides with your mates.

But, is the 250 too small? Maybe? Comment please.

I am leaning towards the Husky 310 or KTM400, wish there was a 350 4-stroke!

What do you recommend as a second dedicated dirt bike?

Must be 4-stroke, before you say the obvious 400E, with lower cost and lower maintenace. If I am going to get a dedicated dirt bike then it needs to be light and more modern.

Thanks, I think I should get a 250, but is it too small?

there is a 350 4 stroke, ktm, and they are rolling out a 350exc this year, should be an awesome woods bike. the ktm 250's are no joke either, a little less power sure but a LOT less weight. a buddy has the 250exc (i think) 6 days edition and thats a sweet ride. check them out.

lower maintenance and cost is a 2smoke :smirk:

I have a GasGas EC250 2smoke that is my dedicated dirtbike and I love it :smirk:


220lbs, 50hp and 6 speed :prof:

and yes it has a plate too :lol:

Ride a CRF450.

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