Temp warning light came on..no power from bored out motor

So i just put in my newly modded 300cc klx motor. while riding there isn't really any power, I have jetted the carb just yet, so I have a feeling that may be causing it. But the thing that really worries me is the temperature light coming on...what exactly is that the temp of? Oil? the engine?

Need a little more info? If it was a 250 its the water temp light. And if it was a 250 and now a 300 your running the fuel to lean. A good way to burn up a new piston and bore job. Get it jetted. If it is the stock carb, Might I recommend a stage 2 dyno jet kit for the 300.

lean very lean,take care or rebuild

If you are running a larger engine with the same jetting, you are in danger of ruining your motor.

Rejet your carb. If you don't know how, learn.

You'll also want to open up the airbox (remove the lid, and add an aftermarket filter) once you do the jetting

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