Dual Sport Tires?

Well, Sold off my KTM 520 and now am riding a 2005 Yamaha WR 250F.

I now have a 14 primary, 47 secondary set up.

I am looking for a tire set up for "Adventure Rides".

Love the WR and want to get of the full knobby's.

Need suggestons.


I have a set of the Pirelli MT 90. They are more street based. I am going to try the MT 43 in the rear and the Scorpion XCMH up front. They get good reviews. Basically you have to decide where you want the performance, more dirt or more street or a mix of both and buy the appropriate tires. If you want a full blown knobby. Kenda TMII is good. Pirelli, Bridgestone and Dunlop all make good DS tires.

dunlop d606's are a popular choice. they have served me well.

bridgestone enduro are good too

dunlop d606's are a popular choice. they have served me well.

+2 on 606

I like my Dunlop D606 on the rear too. It does lock up fairly easy on the street though... if you're looking to get away from the feel of a full knob the D606 might not be for you. Unless you're getting into the sloppy stuff the Dunlop isn't necessary. If you're sticking to gravel and dry hard pack a 50/50 tire like the Shinko 700 will work fine... I own a set of those too. They are suicide in mud but work will as an adventure tire if you're staying where it's dry. I use mine when I take road trips.

I have a WR250F too ... can't imagine it as an Adventure touring bike. But I'm running stock gearing ... I think top speed at redline is like 60 mph? :smirk:

Very hard to cruise on the road, IMHO. Perhaps higher gearing helps? I hope so. Tires are easy on that bike. It's so light, they'll last forever.

If you are doing mixed riding then I'd do a "Mullet" combo: Knobby front with a 50/50 rear. The Shinko 700 is an excellent, low cost tire, long lasting tire. Up front maybe the D606 or TKC80? BUT ... both very pricy. :busted:Dunlop used to make a dirt bike (NON DOT) tire that worked well on pavement and dirt. It's the K490 front. No longer in production. Came stock on many XR Hondas for years. Great tire, now gone.

Try to find something like that ... much less money than the Too Heavy Duty D606 or TKC80; which are really made for 600cc bikes and UP. Stiff and HARD.

A lighter, softer, more flexible tire would be better for your WR on roads and especially dirt. Maybe even the stock D756 would be OK up front? Try it out. The D756 is awesome off road ... and in the short pavement stints I've done on my WR250, not bad on the road once you get used to it.

I have used the 50/50 Shinko 244 "Golden Boy". This tire sucks pretty bad on my DR650. Terrible on pavement ... a bit better off road but I'd prefer a knobby.

I am having good off-road performance and on-road stability with the Michelin AC-10's.

They are DOT road legal and similar to the Michelin S12's profile.


And here is a small article written from test results:

Dual-sport motorcycles are the chameleons of the motorcycling world. On one end of the spectrum, you have riders who relegate their bikes to pure pavement duty. In the middle, you have dual-sporters who mix street and dirt in a wide range of ratios. Then there are the dual-sport riders that spend all of their time in the dirt, using the pavement only (reluctantly) to get there.

If you fit into that last category, you need a DOT legal knobby. The Michelin AC 10 is just such a tire. The AC 10 has some cool features. First, it is a reversible tire. At various locations, it has an “M” imprinted as a tread wear indicator. When the “M” disappears, the tire can be reversed on the rim to add longevity. To this end, the knobs are designed in a mirror-image.

Reports are that the tire has excellent durability. It resists chunking, tearing, and rapid tread wear. There is an obvious trade-off here. The AC 10’s hard compound will make it a less than ideal rock tire, where a soft compound is desirable.

Might look at Michelin T-63s. I just got a set, but haven't tried them yet. It's basically a DOT knobby, not too expensive for a Michelin tire.

as to where I am located, the B'stones TW301 and 302s are the best.

Michelin T63.:smirk:

+2 on 606

Make that +3 :smirk:

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