Ten weeks after acl surgery

i tore my acl about 2.5 years ago and deceded to have the surgery 3/1/2011. I'm still having a lot of pain in my Right Legs ( the leg that had the ACL reconstructed ). I have been moving pretty fast threw Physical Therapy, I returned back to work after three weeks after surgery. My therapist has me running already ( for 5-7 min ), i've done everything he has asked so far. I did a test that told me my right leg is about 75% to normal strenth. I'm still having alot of pain and swelling in my knee at work ( stand on a cement floor for 6-10 hours a day ), sometimes my right hip hurts after therapy, and it still hurts while running or on the olpitcal (sp). Any suggestions? and how long does it normally take to be pain free and back on to the bike?

any imput will be great, thanks!

Don't run. Bike.

I am 9 months post op ACL reconstruction (pt same leg). I wont say that I have any "pain" but there is tightness in the knee. I would also strongly suggest riding a bike instead of running as well.

With that said, I was squating on Friday to warm up my son at LL. I felt a sharp pain on the inside of the same knee. I went to the Dr. and just had an MRI. My follow up is on Friday but he thinks I tore my meniscus....I am having a hard time believing that I could do that from squating to play catch but there is something wrong for sure....Sucks big time....

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