how often do you guys change your spark plug ?? 07 300 xc

ive had it 6 months runs fine starts fine let me know what u guys are dooig

Heh never on my current ride;) I think I have replaced one spark pug ever with all the KTM's I have owned. I've cleaned them a bunch but if it is working why replace?


ive had it 6 months runs fine starts fine let me know what u guys are dooig

I have an 06, and since i learned how to jet, I change the plug once a year, don't need to, but at 2 bucks a plug i figure I can afford it. before I figured out the jetting I would replace the plug when it was hard to start, once every 20 - 30 hours, but that issue went away with the jetting fix also!

Being old school (like back to the 70s!), I still have the habit of putting in a new plug before every race. I use the ES series plugs ($2 at any autoparts store), so it's cheap insurance. With the dead engine start of HS races, the bike needs to light up quick, and a new plug is just some extra piece of mind, even though it's not really needed with today's bikes.

If your not worried about racing, I think your 6 month schedule is fine. I don't think you should leave the plug in for much longer. I have personally seen the results of the tang breaking off on two bikes in which the plug was left in for ages. That little piece of metal can do a lot of damage in short order!

:smirk: Good question? hmm... I'll have to get back to you when I install a new one but it may be a while.:smirk:

I have had my 250 XC-W for 3+ years. I replaced the plug once. Only because the box it came in finally broke down after 3 years in my backpack. Figured I would throw the plug in since it just jumped out of the box. Put a new plug in a new box in my backpack. Figure it will take 3 more years for the next plug.:smirk:

I've got a 09 300xcw and I put a new plug in at the beginning of every year, whether it needs it or not. Plug usually looks a little sooty, but still runs fine. I keep the old ones as a back up plugs.

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