90-95 xr250 fmf exhaust?

it does look a lot like my XR's Only pipe for sure.

Nice score for the $.

is this thing for real? i am starting to think is was labeled wrong

what tip goes in it?

a downturned tip?

Or is it a supertrapp like end cap?

looks like the supertrapp type with none of the 'plates'. (just like the XR's Only)

im not sure what tip is meant for it but i received it today and installed it on my 86 250 and it fit perfectly, sounds amazing and is top quality. it came with fmf paperwork so i believe the listing is accurate. it is steel just like the xrs only pipe but the header connection has no clamp but instead an o-ring inside and it just slips on. i think i will use this tip from xrs only: http://www.xrsonly.com/dirt-bike-parts-1/honda-dirt-bike-parts/honda-xr-models/honda-xr250r/xrs-only-exhaust-pipe-turn-down-tip-usfs-approved-version-silver

That does look like a FMF pipe

i had one I bought 2nd hand

It started falling apasrt after much use and we kept braising it up

Made a significent improvement in power and torque with a larger mainjet

Quite noisy tho, you can add supertrapp plates

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