Tire change - do you balance?

I'm going on my third rear tire since owning the DR650, last time I took it to a shop and had them do it. While I was there I noticed the guy balancing the tire but never saw any wheel weights attached to the rim so wondering if he really balanced anything at all?

This time i'll be changing the tire on my own... do you guys balance your tires after changing them?

I have a few times using tape on weights but you really don't need to unless you notice a problem. If you don't have tape on weights and you don't have spoke weights they didn't balance it.

I put two new tires on the DR yesterday. I do my own tires so I'll be up to speed if I have to do it on the side of the road. Both are balanced. It was a lot easier when I was younger. :smirk:

What type of rear tire are you running? I need to get a new one and was curious if you had a type you thought performed that well?

I've changed several tires on my DR. Two Kenda K761's, and currently running Heindenau K60's. I've never balanced them. I run 90% road. Hope this helps.

Never balanced the tires on a dual sport or dirt bike, only on the larger road bikes.

I have all the tools needed but I found it to be a waste of time on dirt bikes or dual sports. I often run my DR for hours on the interstate highway at 70-75 mph and have no issues.

30 years of road and off road bikes, never balanced a tire yet.

I run knobbies on my DR most of the time. Never balanced them.

On a purely street bike with cast wheels I would (and have) balanced them.

It may have not needed weights.

I balance my wheels myself.

Nothing like going along the road with a rear wheel that's bouncing off the ground at 100kph 'cause it needs 80g of lead opposite the rimlock.

:ride:Why would you spend good money on a tire and not want it to last as long as possible,i balance every tire i mt up for me and friends,i used to balance my wheels on my rc cars also:banana:,i know crazy but car was fast if only in my head:thumbsup:.i figure it helps props so motors can rev up and not come apart , gotta be good for some smoothness.:smirk::smirk::prof:

Makes sense. I just never thought about it for off road use.

I had an atv once with a bent back axle and it was only noticeable on pavement at speed...but it was not at all on the trail. Thinking about it now I can see it was probably a lurking danger at the time though.

Sounds like a good idea for any tire just like you would any on-road vehicle...wobbles is wobbles.

I've run them (street and dirt DS) both ways. My balancing was very precise using a digital scale to get the weight just right. I could not tell any difference that's why I quit........

Wheel balancing is important and especially necessary when using a single rim lock.

I run Dunlop 606's with dual beal locks. My first set I balanced. I've since went thru two rears and a front and I haven't noticed a difference in wear or milage.

How many miles can you normally go on your rear tire? I put a IRC TRIALS GP-1 and I have about 1500 on it and I have about 40 percent tread left. It doesn't hook in the mud as good as I would hope but on the road it does fine.

I got 2,000 mi. on my last one it was late in the riding season and I didn't feel like changeing it. I like to change them around 1,500 mi. because I ride a lot of dirt and like fresh tires. Some people claim they get 4,000 but I don't know if it's possible or not. What I can tell you is I'll never run anything but a 606! On the highway it's the smothest, quietest, and best handeling aggressive dual sport tire you can get. I take a turn with confidence like I'm on a street bike and it never feels loose. On the dirt no tire will hook up and get the heavy beast going like a 606.

That makes sense. Do you buy your tires off the web or from your local dealer? I'm trying to find a cheaper place to get them along with tire irons as well. Just wondering if you know of any good places to get them from.

motorcycle-superstore.com is usually the cheapest. A friend of mine has a bike shop and he told me that a shop can't come close to a place on line that sells tens of thousands of tires a year. He says they can sell them and ship them for free cheaper than he can buy them.

Sticking to the 'bestest is the cheapest' doesn't always work. If your local dealer goes out of business because they can't compete with the internet, where are you going to buy your next bike??

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