01 cr250?

so i saw an 01 cr250 on craigslist today and i was wondering what you guys think of it. the only experience i have with 2 stroke engines is with little rc nitro burners. so i was wondering if the problems this guy listed were signs of a potential money pit. he wants $1300 but i was gonna offer him $1000 or $1100 considering it might need a bit of work and some tuning. what do you all think? heres the link> http://reno.craigslist.org/mcy/2381630178.html

Crank seals aren't that big of a deal... (But don't put off fixing them.) If you're handy with tools, you could probably do a top end for $150 of parts if it needs it. The 2001 CR250 has the reputation for being the strongest 250 engine that Honda made...

Crank seal can be done pretty easily, don't know why he never did it himself though. $1300 would be a steal in my neck of the woods. Since you would need to do a little bit of wrenching, I would definitely offer a little less.

I have a 2001 CR250. She hits really hard!! I bought her off of craigslist too. The guy wanted $1300 and i made away with the bike for $1100. It is a 10 year old bike so she will most likely need work! I gave her a new crank, piston, seals, and gaskets. I gave her new fluids and some other misc stuff. I spend around $5-600 fixing her up and she rips super hard. Def worth it. I ordered my top and bottom end (both wiseco )off of oemcycle.com for $288. Go for it!!

Looks good! Go pick it up!

96-01 ar the best motors!

idpick that up in a hart beat.

Love my '01, they're awesome bikes. Definitely a hard hitting motor.

well i took your guys advice and picked it up for $1100. :smirk: its in great condition other than it needs new crank seals. lots of spooge coming out of the exhaust. but its an awesome looking bike cant wait to get parts to fix the crank seals and go ride her. :smirk:

Very cool!


if your doing crank seals, replace the collar for the right seal and check the crank for play. no need to go in there twice.

pick that bike up but replace both left and right crank seals (right collar as well) with honda OEM seals .. nothing fits tighter then the honda seals

best cr 250 motor ever:thumbsup:

another thumbs up for the 96-01

if honda didnt switch carbs on the 01 it would be perfect, but that's easily rectified

#15 is the right crank seal and #18 is the left seal. The left seal will be behind the flywheel. You should order a flywheel puller too. And the collar is inside of #15 but it is not shown in the diagram.

collar will be under the clutch part of the fische, part #3.

another thumbs up for the 96-01

You can add the '92-'95 engines to that list, considering they are virtually identical to the '96. The 97-98 engines actually went backwards, but the '01 CR250 engine is one of the best two stroke engines of all time.

The only problem with the '01 is super rich jetting. I would fix that before I started digging into the crank seals. It's possible that the previous owner mistakenly thought the crank seals were leaking when the actual cause of the oily exhaust is just rich jetting.

What is so good about the 2001 engine? What makes it so damn special?

What is so good about the 2001 engine? What makes it so damn special?

Eric Gorr says it's the best engine ever produced. I believe he knows what he's talking about.

I'm not talking about Eric gorr. What I'm saying is what makes is so much better than all the rest? Does it hit harder? Is it faster?

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