Xr 80 front sprocket wobble

I have a 1990 Xr80 I noticed there is a wobble in the front sprocket even though the retainer clip is tight. The countershaft is tight as well it's just the sprocket that seems to wobble. Has anyone else found this problem and have any suggestions.

Are you concerned because the chain is getting tossed on a regular basis?

No. I took the chain off to clean it and in the process made this discovery. I noticed the same thing on the 97 as well so I am wondering if it was made with this kind of play. Seems odd

The counter shaft sprocket floats on the shaft. Yes it is made to move around.

Typical of even a new countershaft sprocket to wobble some. If you've got some noticable wear in the sprocket splines, change it out as it will only expedite even more wear on the shaft splines.

Between wobbly countershaft sprockets and the caveman chain guide it's a wonder the drive chain stayed on long enough to get out of the showroom. A new sprocket and BBR's chain guide would help some.

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