Malcolm Lee Smith, 3 yr old on King Cobra playing

Malcolm playing on a King Cobra. This is the fastest 50 in the world, raced by 7, 8 and 9 year olds.

Just a little boy on one of his six bikes. Most of the time he rides trials bikes and his trusty CRF 50.

Excuse me he is AMA 3 year old (he is 4 years 1 1/2 months). He has 3 years to be a AMA 6 year old

awesome starting him early, he'll be scaring you chit less in no time if he isn't already.

I love the vids of your boy! Keep them coming.

i'm in SW VA and one day me and the boy are gonna come visit ya'll and have some fun!

wow amazing very talented lil boy, having a 14month i would love to see that much interest by the time he is that age. great to see you encouraging him and remember keep it fun, too much pressure and he could learn to not like it in a hurry.

Right on your kid rips pretty good I have a 20 month old son Just starting on the pw with training wheels he just watched your boys videos and got all pumped up. Pretty cool stuff

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