Cam Chain Adjustment

Background: 2002 DRZ 400S that thrives on neglect. 50k+ miles. Lately it was needing a little choke to start, also had more rattle to it. It was 38,000 mi since I last checked the valves or changed the plug, so I figured it was time to crack it open. Three valves were in spec., one exhaust valve was 0.33mm. A new shim brought it back to spec. The plug was well worn and so I replaced it, too. As I pieced it all back together, the cam sprockets and lobes line up as seen in the photos. The timing is at TDC line. As you can see, the "3" on the intake cam sprocket is off a few degrees from the top and the "2" on the exhaust sprocket is off a bit too. The cam lobes look pretty good to my eyes and I believe that is all that really matters. I have the original ACCT on the engine.

Question 1: Is the cam chain still good or too stretched out?

Question 2: What is a good alternative to Suzuki Bond? I have Hylomar HPF Gasket Dressing and Flange Sealant. Will that do for another 38k miles?



chain is definately worn.

the only upside of the first generation ACCT was it didnt over tension the chain like the current ACCT so it didnt wear the chain out 30,000 miles ago. you should however go by lotto tickets right now!

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