new clutch---issues

Installed a new Honda clutch(01 CR250) a couple months ago. No other changes. Basket is perfect. Now starting to die very often at slow speeds with lever pulled in completely. When lever gap is correct it is much worse and lurches. When tightened too much, hoping to achieve disengagement, it still stalls too often. I don't like to run it too tight. Never had a problem like this with this bike in 9.5 years. This is first new clutch. Very, very difficult and tiring to ride a tight woods enduro. HELP!

Does it act like this all the time or only when hot? It's normal (and annoying) for a cork based clutch to swell when hot (slipping clutch on tight trails or riding in sticky mud) and it will cause the same symptoms, once it cools to normal operating temp it should start working normal again. I recently installed an EBC "dirt racer" clutch (cork based friction plates) in one of my bikes and it acted like this for the first few rides and hasn't done it since. Being that you said it does it even with the correct lever end play, it does sound more like something is sticking, how did the inner hub look?

if i recall theres 2 thinner plates that go in the middle. check your plates are stacked right.

one of hondas stupidest ideas. 250 used to have same clutch as 500 and all parts were interchangeable but not any more

Is there any chance you over torqued the center nut causing the center hub to grab the basket without any plates in it?

Thanks for the replies. The basket had no grooves or any sign of wear. I did not remove it, just the plates. I think Mr. 548 may be on to the problem. Will pull it apart and double ck what the shop manual shows for re-assembly. Thanks again.

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