WR450F fork spring/oil..

Hi... I have aWr450F 2005..

Up until recently purchasing a 2011 KX450F the Old WR goes great guns on the motox tracks and ability to take some sizeable jumps was suprising..

What im finding now is that although i am not doing much big jumps on the old girl the forks bottom out..

I have the clicker cranked right up...(i only weigh 70kgs) I have had stem bearings and fork seals recently replaced...

I LOVE the plush smooth feel of the forks already and dont want to change that, just looking for Less bottoming resistance..

Not sure on the oil height.. whats the MAX on the oil height you can go before changing the Fork springs??

I guess the springs being 7 years old:smirk: they will have lost their spring,

if the oil height doesnt work would it make sense to just replace the SPRINGS for standard ones again due to age of the old ones,or go up one size on the spring rate??( this is bareling in mind i want to KEEP way its works just bottoming resistance,not sure on original spring rate)

thanks guys....:smirk:

Oh why not a 2011 WR45


Oil level will help, try raising the level 10mm at a time until it goes away. Leaving some air gap at the top.

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