89 xr250r rear disc conversion

I was wondering if anyone out there has done a rear disc conversion on an 89 xr, and if so how did they go about it, does anyone make a kit, or should i just start digging around for a junked out 90 model with the rear swing arm intact? Any suggestions are appreciated.

I haven't done the same conversion but I'm in the middle of a rear disc conversion on a XR200R. The 90-95 swing arm, rear caliper, and rear wheel is a bolt on but you still need to build a bracket for the master cylinder and construct brake pedal linkage, or use a 90-95 brake pedal (hard to find).

Keep us posted.

No kits, got to rig up the brake like he said. You can use most any XR swingarm I think. I put a 650L rear on my 85 XR350, bolted right up.

The stock brake pedal can be made to work with some cutting and welding, that's the easiest.

For the mc, find a scrapped bike and cut off the bracket, have it welded on your bike.

Badda boom

Ok thanks for the info guys that's kinda what I was thinking I would need to do. The fabrication won't be a problem a buddy of mine has a full service machine shop at his house, as far as parts, there isn't a whole lot of choices in my area, so looks like I'll be ebaying it up, I think this is turning into a winter project the more I think about it hahaha

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