Need Help Guys!

Ok I have a 2003 DRZ400s, the problem I'm having is it would start, but as soon as you opened the throttle it would backfire through the carb and the exhaust. Then when you went back to idle it would die and then wouldn't start unless you kept cranking it with throttle wide open. Then it would repeat as above. Took out the carb and cleaned found the pilot jet plugged, put it back together tonight started it, it idled fine. I let it run a minute or so to warm up, opened the throttle same problem, restarted it with full open throttle (its the only way it will start). It died again and then wouldn't start and drained my battery down. You guys think its carb or something else? Thanks Mike

pull carb and check your pilot and main jet, pilot may be clogged

Cleaning the pilot does not always work. NEW pilot jet, drain fuel tank, new fuel.

Ok replaced the pilot jet and main jet, new fuel and clean tank same problem? I did notice that cold it starts right up and doesn't backfire much through all throttle ranges. AS it warms up, it gets worse up to the point where it dies and won't restart. Could this be an ignition problem and maybe not a carb issue?

pull the stator cover and have a look.

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