Yz 250f exhaust

That's a Ti powercore?

I got the powercore and quietcore insert because I wanted a quieter exhaust and spark arrestor for national forest riding. I'm happy with it, but I'm not sure if it added any more power...

Hey guys i just bought a 2008 with a stock exhaust and was wondering if anyone knew of any modification that might improve flow.I am gonna hold of on the fmf factory 4.1 for a while and get used to the bike. :smirk:

A lot of people think the stock YZ exhaust is hard to beat as far as performance and flow goes. A lot of WR owners ditch their stock exhaust and go out of their way to get their hands on a stock YZ exhaust. The biggest reason people go for an aftermarket exhaust on a YZ is for a quieter pipe and spark arrestor

I was thinking I was gonna need a new pipe for more power on my 2010 yz250f. The more I ride it and more comfortable I get on it, I feel like a exhaust is it not needed. Tweak your suspension and youll be very happy

Stay with the stock pipe if you can, but, if you must go aftermarket, the EBay link with 10 hrs on it would be my first choice of the links posted

Why not buy it from the TT store? 10% should get you a good $31 off!

Unless you are a pro racer, stock bike (except for the spring and valve rate) is a much better bike than you are. A louder pipe and not having the skill to match only makes you look foolish.

You have to walk the walk to talk the talk.

Slip on muffler is a great place to start especially on used machines.

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