CDI connector problem

I have a 2004 s... I was about a mile from the house and the bike stopped suddenly ... would not restart so I pushed it home.. had gas to carb pulled seat and tank off and did not see spark while grounding plug to valve cover . so I just started unconnecting and reconnecting connectors that I could easily get to all the way to the CDI.. Bike then started ... thinking that perhaps it was a bad coil... i ordered a coil mod and a free energy mod. got the mods and installed bike runs fine button everything back up but when i put the seat on the bike stopped.... removed the seat and see that the CDi is the most likely culprit.So I remove connectors and reconnect again . find bike starts but when i turn over the CDI to reinstall the bike stops. I restart bike and find that the black white (ground) wire is the suspect. It seems loose in the connector and moving the wire while the engine is running will stop the bike.

So I take the connector from the CDI and I really can't see anything ( I have Lasik so one eye see far and one eye sees close) so i take a safety wire and run it into the connector a few time and spray some electrical cleaner lubricant in the connector and put it back together. it is ok now. i can wiggle the wire and it doesn't stop. So should I button up as is..pull the connector off and run some jet brushes in a used wire harness from ebay. i dont want to get stuck out in the woods .thanks kevin

Only you know what you have. I think it is possible to release the terminals from the connector body. (I have not done it but it is suppose to be possible) Then you can test the individual push together connections. There needs to be some interference between the male and female parts of the connector to have a good electrical connection. If not you will have to replace the bad parts.

interference means that the connector is tight enough that the springy part has to bend a bit to push together. It cannot simply slide over the terminal and hope for a bit of off centering to make it touch. You should be able to insert a jewelers screwdriver or similar into the connector and release a little catch to remove each of the wires from the plastic. This is usually done from the same end the CDI plugs into, and is on the flat side not the rounded side. You should see a notch in the plastic outside of where the connector blade would slide in. Once out of the plastic simply squeezing it tighter and putting it back in will likely do the job unless there is obvious corrosion or damage, in which case you will need to replace the connectors. You only need replace the damaged ones, not he whole harness or plug. Seems to always be a good idea to use Dielectric grease on connectors. It seals out moisture and prevents corrosion.

thanks for the info ..... i ran a jet cleaning brush through the fitting and cleaned it up again this morning . I had put Dielectric grease in there before so I can't really see what is going on and i am really leery of trying to take out the single female connector to look at it .the wire is in there solidly now and I can put the CDI in all positions without the bike stalling . I may look for a new harness / connector on ebay and change it out this winter. I don't use the bike a lot but when i do i'm pretty far out there in the woods . kevin

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