DRZ at the track

Anyone have any pictures of their DRZ in action?


What track is that? They allow you to run lights on and not tapped up? Mirrors too?

It is Eastern Creek in Sydney, Australia.

Motorcycles sold in Australia must have the headlight on at all times so we cannot turn them off even if we wanted to. As this was a ride day rather than a race, mirrors are taped or removed but it's the choice of the rider. It is a fairly relaxed setup. 6 x 20 minute sessions for each of the 4 skill levels and we pay around USD$250 for the day.

Do an advanced search and find threads started by smrookie. He posts a lot of pictures from his track days.

all bikes sold in the US are the same way but they make everyone either tape up or remove to get on the track

Here's my piggy on the track











I take mine out all the time;) taking the lights and stuff off is easy for me now :smirk:


Awesome pictures.

I need to take my DRZ on the track. Anyone know if they allow Supermotos on the Kart track at CMP?

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