MX tracks by johnstown area?


Was wondering if there were any MX tracks within about a 2hours drive from the johnstown area that hold practice sessions on sundays/mondays(regular days off work).

I got my 1st taste of some big air over the weekend:ride::smirk:, and want to try out a motocross track. I plan on racing in some harescrambles this year but wouldn't mind trying some mx too!

Pleasure Valley is only 15mins. from downtown on route 403, owned by Cernics, maybe call them for details on riding there. Gncc race this weekend in Patton, near Altoona. Theres a place down near manns choice but I am not sure if they are opening this year.

the proving grounds are in breezewood

Theres Pittsburgh raceway park, High voltage, plum creek-if they are still open, breezewood proving grounds, Pleasure valley but I think they only have races and practice the day before races usually. I think Wolfmanns in Manns Choice is closed up. Also there is Field of Dreams up in Boswell its like 30-45mins south of PVR.

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