Chain Adjustment TE510

i'm looking to see what the proper slack on the chain should be for the te510. i understand how to adjust the chain but this being my first dirtbike, i don't know what the slack should be and how/where it should be measured. any help would be appreciated.

Page D-37 of 2007 Shop Manual:

To adjust the rear chain, it is necessary to lower the rear part of motorcycle so to line

up the drive sprocket axle, the rear swing arm axle and the rear wheel axle as

shown on drawing. Then let turn three times the rear wheel. Now the chain should

not be tight. (Fig. 1).


Fast adjustment (Fig. 2)

Push the chain towards the final part of chain slider and check that between the two

elements a distance “a” from 0 to 2 mm (0 to 0.08 in.) is present. If this is not the case,

proceed as follows:

- unloose the fastening nut (1) of the wheel axle on the R.H. side;

- unloose the lock nuts (2) on both chain adjusters and turn the screws (3) to obtain

the correct tension value;

- tighten the lock nuts. After adjustment, check that the wheel is lined up and tighten

its axle (142,1 Nm- 14,5 kgm- 104.8 ft/lb). SMR: replace the chain slider "b" every

10000 Km.

Put the bike up on a stand. Get something that is 35mm around and place it on the swingarm/slider about where I've put my PVC collar, then tighten the chain to where it is just taut on bottom and top. Remove your tool and that's how much slack you need in the chain.


Thanks guys. Photos are worth a thousand words. Will check it when I get home.

When you say taut, would u say a quarter inch movement or less?

My 33mm tool is my index and middle finger. Works great, and you always have the tool with you!


When you say taut, would u say a quarter inch movement or less?

When I have my PVC collar in there, I tighten the chain to where it is tight, no movement.

i have yet to check/adjust my chain but thank you for all the input!! i actually ended up getting a 12 tooth front sprocket so i am probably going to be putting that on soon. besides the C clip on the front sprocket, any other things i should know about taking the front sprocket off?

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