thinking about adjusting the timing on my 2002 kx250 to try and get rid of a pinging at high rpms,I know there are 3 marks on the stator and I was wondering how many degrees is it between the center and outside notch?I was thinking of trying a degree at a time but there is no way to tell how far to retard to get it.

how do you know it's the timing? the mark in the middle is the correct setting, you may need to go to 93 or higher oct gas, you may have build up carbon on the top of the piston, your clip on the needle may be to high, the main jet may be to small, check those things before moving the timing,:smirk:

Like the previous poster said, check the obvious first. You should be getting no detonation at the middle setting. If you want to adjust timing, get a dial indicator at harbor freight (cheap and good enough for this job) You will need an adapter that screws into the spark plug hole to hold the dial indicator and you can easily time the bike properly. Cant remember where I found my adaptor. Try pit posse or motion pro. If you need help with the timing procedure let me know. I doubt that is your problem though. even with a bunch of carbon build up, its really hard to get detonation with the right octane and jetting. Not wondering if the noise your hearing is something more sinister.

new crank,piston and cylinder (265cc) never had this before the new parts.I was wondering if the wiseco crank might have the key slightly different than the oem crank,changing the time slightly.It has more power everywhere but when I'm in 4th or 5th on a goodroad I can hear pinging or metalic knock from the cylinder,my first thought was the poweralve but wanted to try the timing to see if it was that.leaner I went on the needle seems to make it worse but the bike is running rich at the moment.

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