gotta love the kid that "bleeds green"

I believe this pic speaks for itself...LMAO




I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

This is what the word was at the track after the great get off.....he and Hughs went to the top of the hill side by side and Hughs crowded Carmichael to the edge of the track. The track workers put the hay bales by the edge, (which is where he is falling down!!), and Carmichael hit one head on.

He came back up to 8th and was getting ready to pass Roncada for 7th when he went down again in the same place. The second time he did not roll over the edge of the hill.

Ferry rode great in both motos and if this is a sign of things to come, he will be a force in the outdoors. He kept Ricky honest in the second moto but I don't know if he had enough to pass even if he caught him.


The fact that he was able to hop back on his bike after that nasty get-off and then charge from basically last place up to 8th was impressive. Watching him go through the pack was almost more interesting than what was going on up infront. He'd set up and pass two guys in turn like they were standing still (albeit these would've been lappers anyway).

Ferry was extremely fast as well and he was reeling in RC by 2 seconds a lap at end of the second moto. Another 3 laps and Ferry would have been withing striking distance. Why doesn't Yamaha provide him with the aluminum framed YZF450 like they're debuting in Europe. He could really benefit from the decreased weight against RC.

Makes me wonder, how RC would do on a YZF426 or CR450F?

Here is a kid that bleeds Green.

My son after compounding both bones in his lower arm last Saturday on his .080 over KX 65.

Without crying..........Damn he's tough.....

Nothing like his dad....LOL.





Yeah I saw that picture from the email you sent! That looks like it hurt. Is he gonna be alright? and how did he do it?



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

Yeah, he's gonna be fine.

We got to go today to get his permenant cast and get it re-x-rayed to see if it will require surgery to get it to heal properly.

He was jumping about 30-40 feet of a 80 foot table top, when he landed he was nose high and the front end slapped and the bike steered to one side.He accidedently pinned it wide open and it hooked and sent him high siding off the jumped for about a 15 foot fall pinned in 5th gear.

We have a partial VHS video of it.

My wife threw the camera down......of course.......LOL

I guess this throws that theory out the window to just gas it ...huh ?




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