stock 76 TT500 jetting

trying to get a baseline

main jet



needle jet


this is for an 76 xt 500--i do have a 76 tt carb, but don't know if it has stock jetting--




needle jet--Q-2

starter jet--60

air jet--0.8


float level--22.0mm

will see what's in my carb-----

took my carb apart--76tt



needle--5j10 on clip 3 from the top (must b the 3 on the xt)

needle jet no #

no starter j or air j that i could find


good luck

thanks. any & all chime in please.

the 190 sounds pretty light. i need to test a bunch

'76 XT500 here.

I'm running a 230 main, all else is stock.

I tried a 45 pilot, but went back to the original 35.

I have a White Bros. pipe w/ Supertrapp silencer.

Also, the airbox is removed and I'm using a K&N clamp-on air filter.

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