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First Ride of the Season

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Well the family went out for our first ride out in the foothills Saturday evening. It was started raining lightly at around 4 untill about 6, but it had cleared up mostly by around 6:30 and we headed out. My mom had stayed home to watch grandkids, so it was down to me, dad, my brother and sister sister-in-law.

Our normal spot for a quick ride was clear of people for the evening, the weather must have scared them off. We unloaded the bikes, geared up and headed off. The area isn't full of much technical riding at all, it's nothing special really, but a good place for beginer riders such as my sis-in-law to remind herself how to ride.

Last year i had little faith in my TT-R 125LE. I have never been much of a blue fan ever since an encounter with a jerk by the name of Jeremy McGrath in the pits of the 2002 Salt Lake City Supercross.

I had liked my bike i guess. But i wasn't in love with it. It was better than my previous XR100. I love the magic button though.

My aspect has flipped 180 degrees since then. When i got on my bike Saturday it just felt right. I was confident. I was poppin wheelies on any bump i could, and dominating the hillclimbs. I even made 5 bucks off my dad with some bets on hillclimbs.

I can honestly say that i have never felt true confidence on a bike. I think that My bikes have always just been too small for me. This bike just fits me. It's not a massive ammount of power, but not underpowered to haul my small butt around. It's not like I haven't been riding much. I've been riding since i was about 6 or 7. I think I've just hit a stride with this bike.

I can't wait to get out again. Too bad the forcast is crap for the whole week.

Sorry this was a bit lenghty, I've been writing a short story of english and needed a break from that. I'm still in the "elaborating on everything" mode. hahaha

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