Am I getting robbed???

I took my top end to a well known engine builder today to get the cylinder honed because I dont have a hone which is $35 plus shipping through Rocky mtn and the builder only charges $30 to hone it. Anyway he took one look at my cylinder and said it needed replated which he charges $190. He pointed out that there was a ridge at the top 1/8" of the cylinder. The thing I don't understand is if you feel it with your finger you can barely feel it and if I can explain it right the cylinder gets wider at the top on the inside of the bore. The piston would fit tighter in the middle of the stroke but at the very top where the rings don't even reach anyway it would be more loose (if that makes sence)?? I dont know what to do here. I don't really have $190 right now to spend and I have 2 races coming up real soon!:smirk:

the bore tapers. take it to another shop and have them mesure your bore and see if it is within spec.

Will do.

If it is within spec get a hard scotch bright pad or 400 wet sandpaper and do your own honing. All you need is to rough it up a tiny bit. Wash it up after with soap and water.

You can either pay the $190 and have them do it, or you can tell them that you don't want a replate and have them hone it for you. You are the owner of the bike and the shop can bitch and moan all they want but you are ultimately in charge of your own maintanence. If you think they are trying to take advantage of you, do like the other poster said and take it to a different shop. I personally don't make a practice of giving my hard earned money to businesses that try to cheat me.

On a nikasil plated cylinder, if there is a ridge at the top, it is worn out, but as long as the plating isn't missing anywhere in the bore it can still be used. Just don't expect max power from the engine or long life from new piston/rings.

Well luckily I work for a Cat dealership and we have about 10 mechanics who really know their stuff. Heck one old dog can completely tear down a D9 dozer and rebuild it himself! Anyway I had some of the guys look at it and every one of them said there is absolutely nothing wrong with the cylinder. I'm no engine guru and this is my first time doing a rebuild so I am learning as I go but one thing that kinda threw me off was the fact that there is still some cross hatch in the cylinder! I'm going to order a hone from Rocky mtn do it myself and see how it turns out. I'm with you frdbtr, I'm not too thrilled about throwing my HARD earned money away either! Especially since I have a family to take care of!

Save your $$ and forget the hone ....... have one of the mechs show you how to do it with a scotch bright pad.......

wet 600 grit sand paper works very well

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